Jerrard Keats and Wolley – An Introduction

The first step is to make a decision and make that call.

Before you do that. Here is a two minute film that explains who we are and what we stand for as medical property advisers.

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Assess Land Values

How are you going to understand what you have and the opportunity it provides, if you don’t have a conversation?

This could include the valuation of land from its current use to alternative use value.

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Evaluate Development Potential

What are your potential options to consider today, that will achieve peace of mind tomorrow?

Everything is centred on what a GP wants and how they will develop.

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Selling Property

Jerrard Keats and Wolley may not be the best people to sell your property.

What we promise is to introduce you to the best way of disposing of your current asset or realigning it.

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Surgery Development Advice

Where do you turn to for development advice?

What options are currently available when it comes to the development of your practice?

Every vision has to have a starting place.

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Critical Situations

Serious issues of financial strain can become a very real scenario. However, there are solutions for GPs.

There needs to be access to advisers who have the ability to plan twenty to forty years in the future.

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Development Packages

Creating a clear path from a considered strategy is vital.

The whole process is to lead a GP every step of the way to their own development.

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