Our responsibility for you – medical property consultants

Jerrard Keats and Wolley was the re-establishment of the former Jerrards Property consultancy business and began in 1985.

We are medical property consultants based in Poole, Dorset.

Working with a few select GP surgeries, the early days were pioneered with defined property experience that could evaluate and assess opportunity that was not necessarily within the mindset of the high street property advisor.

As the decades have progressed so have the needs of the GP. What started as providing knowledge from one sector to another, evolved to a more detailed discussion on the needs within the medical profession and property related issues.

Today the business is led by Jon Dunne and supported by a close team of property advisors. Our values are still the same as they were in the mid 1980s. Listening to others, working in partnership and understanding the whole property process and sharing knowledge within the medical sector.

To get the advice you really need the skill set is wide to ensure a lot of issues are considered. We will make proposals for you to consider including securing specialist Valuations, Lawyers and Accountants. Not all are of equal skill sets, we certainly do not know all the answers. We do however have a good grasp of the questions you need to consider and how to guide and assist that’s why we always start with a conversation.

Everything begins with the decision to make that initial contact. Call 01202 744990 or email jon@jkwproperty.co.uk