We all have to evolve

Your medical property has served you well and perhaps requires attention and review of your occupation needs to deliver a complete service for your patients.

A complete review of the building access, exit strategies and suitability for the long-term is something that should be done on a regular and ongoing basis to ensure maximum productivity of your asset.

We provide insight, experience and knowledge to:


Assess Land Values

In its most basic premise, you currently have land with a building on it. What are you going to use it for?

How are you going to understand what you have and the opportunity that it provides, if you don’t start by having a conversation?

This could include the valuation of land from its current use to creating scenarios for alternative use value.

Your current land may allocate additional space that can provide potential. At Jerrard Keats and Wolley we assess your current situation and answer an early question, ‘what is what you have, worth?’


Evaluate Development Potential

Following on from assessing land values, what does your future represent?

What are the potential options to consider today, to deliver peace of mind tomorrow?

Everything is centred on what the GP wants and how they will develop.

For example, is there a case to identify new land? A modest 8,000-person practice will require parking spaces for up to 80 cars. Those patients, who come to the site, need to have accessibility via transport links and ease of access.


Selling Property

When it comes to selling your property, either to dispose of your existing practice or to acquire new premises, working with the right people is imperative.

Jerrard Keats and Wolley may or may not be the best people to sell your property. What we promise is to introduce you to the best way of disposing of your current asset or realigning it.

Our company belief is that we do not go out of our way to sell your property. We are advisors who are able to direct momentum to the most appropriate source that can create the best value.


Surgery Development Advice

Where do you turn to for development advice?

What options are currently available when it comes to the development of your practice? You may find yourself at a crossroads. So, what are your options?

There are numerous challenges to drive your business forward, but every vision has to have a starting place.

Your local CCG is made up of local GPs and it may be the case that you feel reticent to divulge your plans before they are worked into a credible and implementable with the CCG.

Advice starts with a conversation with an independent party. This can help develop a robust plan for the future.


Critical Situations

Serious issues of financial strain can become a very real scenario. However, there are solutions for GPs.

The initial financial lines of communication can be identified as the practice manager, the bookkeeper and accountant. However, advice to address many issues can be very short term with solutions presented of up to five years.

There needs to be access to advisers who have the ability to plan twenty to forty years in the future.

Jerrard, Keats & Wolley plan on a generational level. The objective is to identify alternative solutions to benefit all parties. There is no one solution.


Development Packages

Creating a clear path from a considered strategy is vital.

The Jerrard, Keats and Wolley development programme takes GPs from initial discussions to develop a complete plan of action.

We liaise with NHS England and meet with the CCG to develop and clarify the business case for a new development. We enable funding and provide financial background.

The whole process is to lead a GP every step of the way to their own development.

We take GPs from their existing surgery and help them flourish within modern environments that are designed for future flexibility.


Liaising With Charles Higgins Partnership

Charles Higgins Partnership are highly experienced medical centre developers.

Jerrard, Keats and Wolley work in collaboration as part of our GP support network.

We work together to develop and build an investment portfolio of surgeries for long-term generational income streams. For many GPs and groups this represents complete peace of mind for those who do not wish to have the disturbance and risk of owning, developing and managing their own premises.

From initial conversations, we have the opportunity to bring in Charles Higgins Partnership for surgery development objectives.


Everything begins with the decision to make that initial contact. Call 01202 744990 or email jon@jkwproperty.co.uk

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